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We have a great selection of rental properties to choose from in and around Chester. Browse our listings below, enter your criteria for those that match what you’re looking for or click the button at top right which will show all available rentals so far as well as their average asking prices!

Ways to rent a property

Direct from a landlord

Landlords who belong to an accreditation scheme will provide you with training and support in fulfilling your legal responsibilities as well as ensuring that they are sensitive towards the tenant’s needs. Your local authority can advise on which ones operate locally, so make sure not only do these fit what we’re looking for but also if possible one close by!

Through a letting agent

It’s important to be aware of the independent redress scheme your letting agent is part of in case you have a dispute.

A home is a lot more than just a place to live. Yeah, the rental cost, location, and size all really matter, but it’s also about how a place makes you feel. We know what a home is really worth, so let us help you find yours.

Looking to rent a property, whether you a landlord or tenant we have you covered.

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