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Choosing your letting agent in Chester

You have a lot to consider when choosing the right letting agent for your property. You need someone who will treat it carefully, responsibly and with care – just like you would!

Working with an expert can help you save time and even money. You’ll be able to rest assured that your property is being managed in the right way, which leaves less risk for yourself.

If you’re thinking about working with a letting agent, here are our tips on how to choose a letting agent in Chester and the best questions to ask them before you commit.

Are You Regulated?

One of the first things you need to check when speaking to a potential letting agent is whether they are registered as part of a government-approved letting agency redress scheme.

Working with an unregistered letting agent can result in fines for landlords, so it’s always best to check.

Are You Part of a Client Money Protection Scheme?

Working with an expert letting agent is a sure way to save you time and even money. Plus, when working in partnership they will be able take care of all aspects for your property while leaving less risk available on their end!

What Are Your Fees?

You should always ask about fees when looking for a letting agent. However, some hidden charges may crop up only in certain situations and can be avoided by reading the fine print- so take care!

For example, some letting agents charge a commission if you want to sell your property to a tenant in the future (since they introduced you and are therefore responsible for the sale).

When inquiring about fees, make sure you ask about all charges you could be liable to pay – not just the standard stuff.

What Marketing Strategies Do You Use?

Some agents are more creative than others, but all of them can benefit from modern forms of marketing. Blogs and social media sites have become prominent in recent years as ways to reach potential tenants with information about properties that wouldn’t normally come across their radars.

Make sure you ask how your letting agent will market your property to see if it’s the right fit for you.

Do You Know the Local Area?

The benefits of having a local letting agent are endless. Not only will they be able to market your property more effectively, but you’ll also get the peace-of mind knowing that someone who knows what they’re doing has got this under control for us!

How Long Does it Take to Fill Vacancies?

Every landlord wants to fill voids as quickly as possible. And finding a good tenant usually takes time.

Regardless, a good letting agent will have the facts on the average time it takes them to fill vacancies, so make sure you ask for the figures.

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